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What Mohammed bin Salman wants for Christmas
What Mohamed bin Salman wants for Christmas | PUPPET REGIME

What Mohammed bin Salman wants for Christmas

What do you get for the millennial autocrat who has... everything?


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The Graphic Truth: Evergreen Economics

Bah humbug! Christmas tree prices are soaring as demand rises, but supply dwindles. In North America, a continent-wide tree shortage is taking root thanks to a declining number of Christmas tree farms.

The number of US farms fell sharply during the 2008 financial crisis and has continued to decline – so much so that 96% of the Christmas trees sold in the US come from Canada. But Canadian farms took a hit this summer from droughts, floods, and wildfires, and Canadian farmers also say fewer young people want to take over their tree businesses when they retire.

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Spreading festive joy - and health awareness

December 21, 2020 5:00 AM

A man decorating a Christmas tree with brightly coloured face masks and bottles of hand sanitiser last week at the Catholic Church of Christ the King in Indonesia's second-largest city of Surabaya in East Java province.
The new Santa Claus
Is That You, Santa? | PUPPET REGIME | GZERO Media

The new Santa Claus

President Trump may not have won reelection, but he's now claiming he's been named to an even bigger role. He may know if you've been naughty or nice, but is he really Santa? You'd better look twice.

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