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Trump’s turkey pardon, disputed

President Trump's Thanksgiving Day turkey pardoning doesn't exactly go according to plan when the condemned critter cries fowl.


"Dude, you lost?" World leaders react to the US election

After days of tension and uncertainty, Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the US presidential vote -- but how are world leaders like Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, and Mark Zuckerberg taking the news?


Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream.

With thoughts of Russia, Bob Mueller, Collusion dancing around his head, it's no wonder President Trump is having troubles falling asleep. What to do? Count sheep, a lullaby, Xanax?

The Smackdown: Shakespeare or North Korea

Who throws the most devastating verbal darts? The Bard of Avon faces off against The Poet of Pyongyang – but with two wordsmiths this talented, can you even tell the difference? Test your knowledge of the can(n)on.

Commander-in-Tweet: Trump Visits the Troops

After holding out for two years, President Trump has finally visited US troops in the field. With Oscar-caliber flair, he sets the record straight on Vietnam and World War Two. Both were disasters.
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