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Laborer carries food at the main market in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Akila Jayawardana via Reuters

Is the global food crisis here to stay?

The mood surrounding the annual UN General Assembly kickoff this week has been grim. Russia is pounding Ukraine and climate-related disasters are devastating places as far-flung as Pakistan, Portugal, and Puerto Rico.

In 2022, with total war returned to Europe and the global pandemic having scrambled supply chains, the food crisis is where the conversation is at.

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Danger to the Acutely Hungry: Lack of Access, or Lack of Money | GZERO World

Danger to the acutely hungry: lack of access, or lack of money

Where will the war make most people go hungry?

The pandemic pushed some 275 million people into acute hunger around the world. How many more will struggle to find their next meal due to the war in Ukraine?

About double that amount, estimates Ertharin Cousin, former head of the UN World Food Programme.

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