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US Vice President Kamala Harris

Michael Brochstein/Sipa USA

What We're Watching: Harris goes to Munich, French troops quit Mali, Japan's soft opening, Africa's mRNA mission

Harris goes back to the future in Bavaria. In recent years, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) – to say nothing of the broader transatlantic alliance – have suffered from a sense of unclear purpose. US President Donald Trump questioned NATO’s value, and French President Emmanuel Macron has called it “brain-dead.” Without the Cold War framework, many have asked whether NATO even has a purpose? But things couldn’t feel more different today, according to Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer. “You’re talking about US leadership and an alliance that feels unprecedentedly threatened by the recent escalation in Ukraine from Russia,” said Bremmer from Munich on Thursday. And the face of that US leadership at Munich this year is US Vice President Kamala Harris, who will deliver an important address on Saturday. Harris, who was also tasked with handling the challenge of migration at the US-Mexico border last year, has struggled to shine in her historic role as the first female Veep. A powerful address at Munich, delivered in the thick of a major transatlantic security crisis, could be her moment in the sun.

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What Are the “Known Unknowns” About Moderna’s Vaccine? | Noubar Afeyan | GZERO World

What are the “known unknowns” about Moderna’s vaccine?

Moderna co-founder Noubar Afeyan concedes that there is plenty he still doesn't know about his company's COVID-19 vaccine, just as there's plenty he still doesn't know about the virus. But he is confident about one thing: "I view the vaccine as the best mask. It's a molecular mask, and once we have it onboard once, then presumably it will protect us." His conversation with Ian Bremmer was part of the latest episode of GZERO World.

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Moderna’s Co-Founder Noubar Afeyan On the Growing Pushback Against a COVID-19 Vaccine | GZERO World

Moderna’s co-founder Noubar Afeyan on the growing pushback against a COVID-19 vaccine

"In any debate, if one side has to offer facts and the other side can offer doubts and they're considered of equal value, then the ones who offer doubts will always have an advantage." Moderna co-founder Noubar Afeyan isn't naïve about the pushback that his company's COVID-19 vaccine will receive when it hits the US market. Disinformation around vaccine safety and efficacy was rampant even before the pandemic began. His conversation with Ian Bremmer was part of the latest episode of GZERO World.

Watch the GZERO World episode: A Shot in the Arm: Moderna’s Co-Founder on the COVID-19 Vaccine

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