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Pakistan’s Hina Khar: India’s policies are undemocratic | GZERO World

Pakistan’s Hina Khar: India’s policies are undemocratic

The last time Ian Bremmer and Hina Khar met at the Munich Security Conference, in 2020, she called India a “rogue state” and a bully in the neighborhood.

Two years later, she argues that the Indian government has proven her right with undemocratic gestures like the Citizenship Amendment Act.

“Basically, you're saying everybody who is Hindu has the right to be an Indian citizen, and anyone who's Muslim has the least right, and anyone in the middle, we'll think about it,” Khar said.

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As Democracy Erodes: Pakistan’s Hina Khar on “Supremely Dangerous” Global Trends | GZERO World

As democracy erodes: Pakistan’s Hina Khar on “supremely dangerous” global trends

As Russian forces invaded Ukraine, Pakistan's PM Imran Khan, one of Vladimir Putin’s few friends these days, visited Moscow. His trip did not go down well in the US, a longtime ally of Islamabad.

On this episode of GZERO World, Ian Bremmer talks to Pakistan’s former Foreign Minister, Hina Khar, about Afghanistan, her country’s future choices, and, of course, India.

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