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Did “complacency” cause India’s COVID explosion?

In January 2021, after India got its vaccination program underway, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared victory over "controlling corona" at the World Economic Forum. But within weeks, those words would come back to haunt him. Ian Bremmer asks Delhi-based journalist Barkha Dutt what she thinks went wrong. "I think the complacency set in because, as a percentage of infections, the fatalities seemed to be not as high as the rest of the world… but it doesn't explain to me why we should've got lulled into not needing contingencies." Their discussion about India's COVID crisis is featured on an episode of GZERO World, airing on US public television.

Watch the episode: India's COVID calamity

Does the arrival of Moderna’s vaccine mean we’re back to normal?

"I think we're going to live with the pandemic for much of 2021, but I don't think it's a binary thing where we have a pandemic and everything's awful, or the pandemic's gone and everything is great again." Noubar Afeyan, co-founder of the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer Moderna, levels with Ian Bremmer that even with a vaccine the pandemic will not be gone in a matter of day, weeks, or even months. But that doesn't mean that everything will be as bleak as it may feel now. Their conversation was part of the latest episode of GZERO World.

Watch the GZERO World episode: A Shot in the Arm: Moderna's Co-Founder on the COVID-19 Vaccine

How pandemic fatigue is affecting global COVID response

It's spreading. Maybe even faster and wider than the virus itself: pandemic fatigue. As infection rates in the United States and Europe skyrocket, Ian Bremmer looks at how tired we've all become of the virus. And yet, the virus does not seem to get tired of us.

Watch the episode: Dr. Ashish Jha on COVID-19 and the dark winter to come

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