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Why social media is broken & how to fix it

Why social media is broken & how to fix it
Why Social Media Is Broken & How to Fix It | Frances Haugen | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

Social media companies play an outsize role in global politics — from the US to Myanmar. And when they fail, their actions can cost lives.

That's why Frances Haugen blew the whistle against her then-employer, Facebook, when she felt the company hadn't done enough to stop an outrage-driven algorithm from spreading misinformation, hate, and even offline violence.

On GZERO World, Haugen tells Ian Bremmer why governments need to rethink how they regulate social media. A good example is the EU, whose new law mandating data transparency could have global ripple effects.

Haugen also explains why those annoying messages about sharing your cookies are actually a good thing, and why she still believes social media companies can change for the better.

Finally, don't miss her take on Elon Musk having second thoughts about Twitter.


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