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With a little Kelp from our friends! | GZERO World

With a little Kelp from our friends!

Kelp! It's slimy, it's tangly, it's ... delicious! And experts say this nearly magical sea plant can help tackle two big global challenges: climate change and hunger. To learn more, GZERO Reports headed out to an oyster farm in Long Island to meet Michael Doall, associate director of shellfish research at Stony Brook University. Doall, dubbed the "Johnny Appleseed of Sugar Kelp," explains how the bounty of the sea can help address some of the problems we are creating on land.

This clip is part of an upcoming episode of GZERO World with Ian Bremmer. Check local US television listings to watch, or find the episode on GZERO's YouTube channel.

ChatGPT vs Puppet Regime | PUPPET REGIME | GZERO Media

ChatGPT vs Puppet Regime

Us: There's no way a ChatBot can write a better puppet skit than a human being, right?

ChatGPT:Code my beer...

Watch more of GZERO's award-winning comedy series PUPPET REGIME!

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Ukrainians Battle Putin and General Winter | GZERO World

Ukrainians battle Putin and general Winter

As Ukrainian forces continue to reclaim land, Putin has targeted the country's energy infrastructure and enlisted an old Russian ally: the Winter.

But even as air raid sirens wail over a blacked-out city, Iryna B, a young translator in Kyiv, tells GZERO that the Kremlin can't freeze over her country's fighting spirit.

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