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Emotional AI: More harm than good?
Emotional AI: More harm than good? | GZERO World

Emotional AI: More harm than good?

Generative AI mimics human-generated text, images, and video, and it's got huge implications for geopolitics, economics, and security. But that's not all - emotionally intelligent AI is on the rise.

And sometimes the results are ugly. Take the mental health nonprofit, KOKO, which used an AI chatbot to support counselors advising 4,000 people who were seeking counseling. The catch: The patients didn't know that a bot was generating the advice they were receiving. While users initially rated the bot-generated responses highly, the therapy lost its effectiveness once the patients were informed that they'd be talking to a fancy calculator.

The real question is: When does emotionally intelligent AI cross the line into emotionally manipulative territory?

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