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BJP Mahila Morcha workers celebrate the introduction of Women's Reservation Bill in the Special Session of the Parliament in Ahmedabad on Thursday.

ANI Photo via Reuters

A political breakthrough for India’s women

On Monday, India opened its first special session of parliament since 2017, and expectations rose that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a plan to use the short session to make an unusual – maybe historic -- announcement.

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Luisa Vieira

What is feminist foreign policy?

Alles liebe zum Frauentag! To mark International Women's Day we delve into feminist foreign policy. Which countries have adopted the gender-focused framework that shapes how they interact with other states, and how does the policy play out in practice?

Germany made headlines this week when Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock unveiled a new feminist foreign policy framework, outlining Berlin's efforts to boost female participation in international affairs. It directs an additional 12 billion euros in development funds to further global gender equality and says that Berlin will work to ensure that European foreign policy focuses more on the needs of women worldwide.

But what is a feminist foreign policy, and what do proponents and critics of the framework have to say about it?

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The Future (of Global Leadership) is Female
GZERO World S2E9: The Future (of Global Leadership) is Female

The Future (of Global Leadership) is Female

On the show this week, Ian previews UN General Assembly Week and tells you why it's more than blustery speeches and traffic headaches for New Yorkers. Then, Georgetown University's Melanne Verveer talks about how global leadership for women is changing in a #MeToo era. And on Puppet Regime, it's game show time

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