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A graphic showing English-French bilingualism in Canada.

GZERO Media/ Luisa Vieria

The Graphic Truth: English-French bilingualism in Canada

Parlez-vous le français? Probably pas très bien if you live outside Quebec, according to census data from Statistics Canada.

The share of Canadians who can hold a conversation in both English and French has plateaued around 18% for two decades, despite strong legal protections for the French language and official encouragement of bilingualism.

The background: Political rivalries between English and French-speaking Canadians dominated the early history of the country, and fuel some radical independence movements in Quebec even today. Official adoption of bilingualism at a federal level in 1969 was meant to help heal the rift.

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Jess Frampton

Hard Numbers: US inflation soars, India health worker shortage, Quebec’s no-vax tax, African soccer scandal

7: US monthly inflation in December crept up to 7 percent, the highest year-on-year rise since 1982. The Federal Reserve has signaled it may raise interest rates higher, and sooner, than previously expected to fight rising prices.

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