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World leaders with rhythm: South Korea's President Yoon chimes in
South Korea's President Yoon isn't the only world leader with rhythm | GZERO Media

World leaders with rhythm: South Korea's President Yoon chimes in

It was not, in fact, the day the music died.

The internet enjoyed a surprise moment when South Korea's President Yoon busted into song - specifically, American Pie - at a White House state dinner.

He's not the only world leader with rhythm. Watch our quick video compilation to remember some memorable tunes produced by heads of state.

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US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron

Luisa Vieira

Can Macron woo Biden?

French President Emmanuel Macron is in Washington, DC, for an official state visit, the first world leader given that honor since President Joe Biden moved into the White House nearly two years ago.

Marked by military processions and fancy dinner parties, a state visit is essentially the greatest expression of “friendship” between two countries.

Biden and Macron, both known for public displays of affection, will surely go to great lengths to demonstrate that US-French relations are warmer than ever. But behind the scenes, the two leaders will have to hash out a series of thorny issues.

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