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A soldier stands next to a dummy tank in May 1944.

US National Archives

The tricksters who saved lives during World War II

Few April Fool's Day pranks could hold a candle to the tricks of the US “Ghost Army,” a group of World War II soldiers whose knack for illusion saved tens of thousands of lives.

“All warfare is based on deception,” wrote the ancient strategist Sun Tzu, and as the Allies prepared to invade Nazi-occupied France, two American military planners dreamed up a clever ruse. Using troops handpicked for their creative talents and intelligence, they would flood Nazi intelligence with disinformation, whipping up whole divisions out of theater props and carefully staged media.

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MBS: A Barbie girl living in a Saudi world
MBS: A Barbie girl living in a Saudi world | PUPPET REGIME | GZERO Media

MBS: A Barbie girl living in a Saudi world

A movie about building a dream world to explore fourth-wave feminism?

MBS will be first in line for tickets.

Watch more of GZERO's award-winning comedy series PUPPET REGIME!

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Beginning of Putin's end
Beginning of Putin’s End | Russia's Catastrophe & Ukraine's Advantage | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

Beginning of Putin's end

On May 9, Vladimir Putin marked the 77th anniversary of Russia's Victory Day in World War II by co-opting its narrative to justify invading Ukraine and paint itself as a victim of Western aggression.

Russia, it seems, hasn't moved on much since 1945 — and still hangs on to perceived outside threats — like Finland and Sweden joining NATO. But if the West goes too far, there's a much bigger risk: World War III.

On GZERO World, Ian Bremmer speaks to Michael McFaul, who knows a thing or two about Russia and Putin from his days as the former US ambassador in Moscow.

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