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Beginning of Putin’s End | Russia's Catastrophe & Ukraine's Advantage | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

Beginning of Putin's end

On May 9, Vladimir Putin marked the 77th anniversary of Russia's Victory Day in World War II by co-opting its narrative to justify invading Ukraine and paint itself as a victim of Western aggression.

Russia, it seems, hasn't moved on much since 1945 — and still hangs on to perceived outside threats — like Finland and Sweden joining NATO. But if the West goes too far, there's a much bigger risk: World War III.

On GZERO World, Ian Bremmer speaks to Michael McFaul, who knows a thing or two about Russia and Putin from his days as the former US ambassador in Moscow.

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Putin Miscalculated on Ukraine | Misled By Post-Cold War Worldview, Says Ivan Krastev | GZERO World

Putin miscalculated on Ukraine, misled by post-Cold War worldview, says Ivan Krastev

For political scientist Ivan Krastev, Vladimir Putin miscalculated in Ukraine — but in a much deeper way than how the invasion is playing out so far.

Why? Krastev offers three explanations in an interview with Ian Bremmer on GZERO World.

First, Putin never accepted that the Soviet Union collapsed because communism did.

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How Putin Created the Ukrainian Resistance | The Autocrat’s Curse | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

How Putin created Ukraine’s determination to resist

Two months ago, Joe Biden said invading Ukraine would cost Russia and Vladimir Putin dearly.

Since then, not much has gone Putin's way. But can he climb down without a win he can sell back home?

While the Russians focus on the Donbas, the US now seems to think it can make Russia lose — which could trigger an escalation if Putin feels he's out of options.

On GZERO World, Ian Bremmer speaks to political scientist Ivan Krastev, who believes Putin has the autocrat's curse: his back is against the wall because he can't be perceived as weak.

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