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Rise of electric mobility an inevitable trend for auto companies: China Daily contributor

July 22, 2020 12:00 PM

In the article, the writer says that the implementation of the Corporate Average Fuel Consumption and New Energy Vehicle (NEV) credit program will expedite NEV penetration and guide the market onto a positive track.

Coronavirus and the robot revolution

As COVID-19 continues its global attack, many people are thinking that robots look like a pretty good investment right now.

If you're a company decision-maker spooked by the pandemic's massive disruption of economies and supply chains, greater automation of your production lines has a distinct appeal. Robots don't get paid, demand benefits, commute, take vacation, or go on strike. They also don't take sick leave, ask for PPE, or sneeze on other robots. Also, crucially, you can put robots wherever you like – making it easier to take production back to your home country.

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