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Designing CBDCs for success

The decision to develop a central bank digital currency, or a CBDC, must be the outcome of wide-ranging policy and technology choices. What factors are at play in designing and implementing CBDCs? Which of the G7 foundational principles should be emphasized, and where can the private sector lend valuable experience? To find out, read the latest report from the Visa Economic Empowerment Institute.

The Graphic Truth: Russia's forex war chest

He prepared for a standoff with the West. President Vladimir Putin has built up his country’s foreign currency reserves to the tune of over $640 billion to insulate the Russian economy. It was a solid plan until the US, EU and global partners announced stinging sanctions against Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine. This includes a plan to ban some Russian banks from SWIFT — a global network for payments between banks — as well as sanctioning Russia’s central bank, which will make it hard for the Kremlin to tap into some of the reserves needed to prop up the crashing rouble. We take a look at Russia’s forex war chest since Putin came to power in 2000.

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