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Former CEO of CNN Chris Licht.


The lessons of Licht

Chris Licht was appointed less than a year ago to rescue a CNN reeling from poor ratings and declining trust. On Wednesday he was fired.

The ice had been thinning under Licht for months, but a blistering 15,000 word profile in The Atlantic earlier this week was the coup de glace, as it were: It portrayed a man whose mission of making CNN a less ideologically “liberal” and more widely trusted network was undone by an aloof management style, clashes with his predecessor, and disastrous programming gambles like last month’s Trump Town Hall.

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Why Trump chose CNN for his Town Hall | GZERO World

Why Trump chose CNN for his Town Hall

Does former president Donald Trump’s CNN Town Hall have anything to do with Fox News? Rumored 2024 GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie thinks the answer is a resounding yes.

On GZERO World with Ian Bremmer, the former governor of New Jersey theorized that Trump is holding his first televised discussion with 2024 voters on CNN to give a ratings boost to Fox’s principal competitor and punish the network for settling the recent lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems.

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Tucker Carlson out at Fox News | Quick Take | GZERO Media

Tucker Carlson out at Fox News

Ian Bremmer's Quick Take: Hey everybody. Ian Bremmer here, a Quick Take to kick off your week and well, you know what the hell? I'll respond to the Tucker Carlson news since it's pretty significant. He's out all of a sudden, a very sudden and very terse statement being made by Fox. They have agreed to part ways. Kind of statement that usually makes you think that there is more news that is going to be coming out relatively soon that they wanted to get ahead of. But let's leave that aside. This is the guy that was driving an extraordinary amount of revenue, most popular show on cable, and also now is driving a lot of losses because of the Dominion settlement, which Tucker Carlson played a significant role in being responsible for promoting a lot of fake news while also being caught in text messages saying that the election grievances and being stolen, "Stop the Steal" was all a lot of BS.

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Trump & The Media

Trump & The Media

"A Weird Relationship." Former CNN Bureau Chief Frank Sesno discusses the dysfunctional, love-hate interaction between the president and the press. Watch the full interview on GZERO World.

America, Divided

America, Divided

This week Ian takes a close look at today's polarized political environment and asks a simple question: who is to blame? Republicans? Democrats? The media? Then he sits down with former CNN bureau chief Frank Sesno, a media veteran himself. And of course, we've got puppets. #fakenews#cnn#trump

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