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Annie Gugliotta

Biden and Trudeau: A political eclipse?

Why are Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau getting so badly eclipsed by the great totality of critics? Can good policies seize back the agenda of a lagging campaign?

President Biden is busy touting his positive economic record but is baffled when it gets eclipsed by issues like his age. He rightly touts creating 300,000 new jobs in March and dropping the unemployment rate to 3.8%, but the headlines still say he looks like a guy who might as well have watched a solar eclipse alongside Moses.

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photo of total solar eclipse

Totality fails to eclipse politics

The moon blotted out the sun across much of North America on Monday, but it did not put politics entirely out of mind.

Conservatives on both sides of the border used the occasion to compare their champion to the moon, blotting out the incumbent sun, while incumbents merely marveled at the moment.

In the United States, Donald Trump released an odd ad on his Truth Social network in which his face blotted out the sun. In Canada, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre just posted a photo of the moment, but one of his MPs posted an image showing a smiling Poilievre eclipsing Trudeau.

Meanwhile, Fox News issued a warning that the eclipse might make it easier for migrants to cross into the United States.

Justin Trudeau posted a video of himself taking in the sight from the roof of his office while Joe Biden posted a safety warning, a subtle reminder, perhaps, of the time, in 2017, when Trump gazed directly into an eclipse, which is said to be unwise.

Laura Luciano of Stockton looks at the solar eclipse looks through special glasses during a watch party held by the Delta College Physics-Math-Computer Sciences Club and the the Stockton Astronomical Society on the campus of San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton on Oct. 14, 2023.

USA TODAY NETWORK via Reuters Connect

Do look up – safely

A rare total solar eclipse in North America next Monday has people set to flock to spots along its path of totality, but there are a couple of things to know before you go.

First, it’s dangerous. If you’re going to peek at the merging of celestial bodies, get proper eye protection to prevent the fluid in your eye cells from boiling.

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Totally eclipsed by Trump
Totally eclipsed by Trump | PUPPET REGIME

Totally eclipsed by Trump

The golden sneakers are sold out, and the Easter bibles flew like hotcakes -- but as the solar eclipse approaches, Donald Trump has an exclusive new offer that you do NOT want to miss.


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Political mini crossword: Dark side of the moon

Get excited for next week's eclipse with an out-of-this-world crossword puzzle!

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