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Leader of Canada's Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre, speaks during a 'Spike the Hike - Axe the Tax' rally in Edmonton, on March 27, 2024, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Artur Widak/Reuters

Speaker ejects Poilievre from Parliament

Speaking of performative legislative moves, Canadian Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievrewas ejected from the House of Commons on Tuesday for calling Justin Trudeau a “wacko” and refusing to withdraw his remark when asked to do so by Speaker Greg Fergus.

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photo of total solar eclipse

Totality fails to eclipse politics

The moon blotted out the sun across much of North America on Monday, but it did not put politics entirely out of mind.

Conservatives on both sides of the border used the occasion to compare their champion to the moon, blotting out the incumbent sun, while incumbents merely marveled at the moment.

In the United States, Donald Trump released an odd ad on his Truth Social network in which his face blotted out the sun. In Canada, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre just posted a photo of the moment, but one of his MPs posted an image showing a smiling Poilievre eclipsing Trudeau.

Meanwhile, Fox News issued a warning that the eclipse might make it easier for migrants to cross into the United States.

Justin Trudeau posted a video of himself taking in the sight from the roof of his office while Joe Biden posted a safety warning, a subtle reminder, perhaps, of the time, in 2017, when Trump gazed directly into an eclipse, which is said to be unwise.

In April, Hillary Clinton visited Belfast to mark the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

Niall Carson/REUTERS

A Clinton in Ottawa

Canadian Liberals gathered in Ottawa on Thursday for their annual political convention. This year’s event features a special guest appearance from Hillary Clinton, who will be chatting with Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland on Friday. Coincidence? Well, it’s hard to ignore the parallels.

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