Munich 2024: Protecting Elections in the Age of AI
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Thousands protest Israel's war against Hamas in front of the monument to Sir George-Etienne Cartier in Montreal, carrying placards calling out Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau for their support of Israel.

Norbert Grisay/Hans Lucas via Reuters

Biden, Trudeau face Gaza pressure

Tensions in both Canada and the United States are rising as a result of Israel’s war against Hamas, with both Jews and Muslims reporting a rise in hate crimes. Montreal has seen a worrying uptick in antisemitic vandalism and violence, from the firebombing of a synagogue to a Jewish day school being shot up, and Toronto has seen a 132% rise in hate-related calls since the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks in Israel.

In the United States, Amnesty International has documented hate crimes against both Jews and Muslims, including the murder of a Palestinian child in Illinois. This past week, two Jewish students were reportedly assaulted at Ohio State University, and tensions are so high that some American Jews are arming themselves and forming local emergency squads for self-defense. In Washington, on Tuesday, tens of thousands marched to show support for Israel and condemn antisemitism. Several Canadian politicians were among the marchers.

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