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China street style

China moves to ban funky clothes

It’s been decades since China has felt the need to roll out new security laws, but in a post-COVID moment of sluggish economic growth, Chinese authorities are placing new emphasis on rules meant to keep people from rocking the boat. One proposed law in particular has drawn a big reaction across Chinese social media. Apparently, clothes really can hurt a nation’s feelings.

The draft of this law makes it a crime to wear, or force others to wear, clothing that “undermines the spirit or hurt the feelings of the Chinese nation.” Wearing clothes that authorities consider insufficiently Chinese could land you a 15 day jail sentence and a fine of the yuan equivalent of $680.

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What We’re Watching: It’s a Kim Jong-un Christmas!

North Koreans bearing gifts? – What kind of present will North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un leave under the tree for President Trump this year? US spooks are worried it could be a missile test: Talks over the North's nuclear arsenal have stalled since a summit between the two leaders broke down in February, leaving Pyongyang chafing under US sanctions. Testing a new ICBM that could reach the US would be one way for Kim to get Trump's attention, but it might provoke the US to seek even tighter financial curbs against the North. China, South Korea, and Japan have engaged in a flurry of diplomacy in recent days to try to tamp down rising tensions.

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