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Will Brexit make Europe stronger?  European Central Bank's Christine Lagarde explains

If Brexit has shown the world anything, it is that deep-seated political dysfunction is by no means confined to the United States. But as Europe comes together to avert an economic catastrophe caused by COVID-19, will Brexit throw the entire continent back into chaos? European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde tells Ian Bremmer in a new GZERO World interview that she doesn't "see any trace" of that happening.

Watch the episode: Christine Lagarde, Leading Europe's United Economic Pandemic Response

Sweden Coronavirus Regrets; Boris Johnson's Hong Kong Promise

Sweden's state epidemiologist has expressed regrets about not having tighter coronavirus controls. What's the reaction been in Sweden?

Well, the guy has been going somewhat back and forth over what he actually meant by that particular statement. But I think there's a general feeling, yes, we could have done things better that relates to testing and that relates to quite a number of other things. And there is a concern that as Europe is now opening up, Swedes are treated as slightly different, slightly more dangerous than people from other countries. There is concern over that.

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Europe COVID-19 Reopening: European Commission Recommendation & UK

What's the confusion around Boris Johnson's directive on opening up Britain?

Well, there's always confusion in his issues, because these issues or these directives are necessarily not covering every single detail. So, there has been a considerable amount of confusion, and I think that's got to be the pattern in quite a number of countries.

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