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Demographics of those arrested for crimes in the US, 2020%

Luisa Vieria

The Graphic Truth: The racial breakdown of US arrests

Criminal justice advocates often point to US incarceration rates as proof of racial disparities in policing and American courts. But many say that systematic racism is also reflected in how law enforcement targets individuals for scrutiny and subsequent arrest – the cases of Tyre Nichols and Eric Garner are but two headline-grabbing examples. Consider that, despite accounting for just 13.6% of the national population, 36% of those arrested for violent crimes in 2020 were Black. We take a look at the race profiles of people arrested for various crimes.

Deval Patrick on defunding the police: “I’m not there yet, personally.”
Deval Patrick on Defunding the Police: “I’m not there yet, personally.” | GZERO World

Deval Patrick on defunding the police: “I’m not there yet, personally.”

In a new interview with GZERO World host Ian Bremmer, former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick discusses the current movement to cut funding for policing across America, as protests and outrage continue in the wake of the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Patrick explains to Bremmer that he understands the sentiment behind the phrase "Defund the Police," but he finds it similar to calls to abolish ICE. "Someone has to do that job," he says.

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