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Preet Bharara on The Mueller Investigation | GZERO World

Preet Bharara: Life After the Mueller Report

By now you know what's in the Mueller report and the spin-masters have told you what to think. But the most important takeaway isn't only about Trump. It's also about Putin. Today Ian Bremmer talks Mueller report big picture with a man who oversaw investigations into suspected Russian organized crime, former U.S. attorney Preet Bharara.

GZERO World S1E16: The Mueller Investigation

The Mueller Investigation

"Every decision is made not based on principle or truth, but rather whether or not it is good or bad for Donald Trump."

Sometimes getting fired can be a badge of honor. Especially if the Trump Administration is doing the firing. Former US Prosecutor Preet Bharara comes on the show to talk about President Donald J. Trump's combative relationship with the Justice Department and how the Mueller investigation could shake out.

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