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Ranking Cyber Threats | CISA Chief Jen Easterly | GZERO World

Ranking cyber threats: CISA chief Jen Easterly

Just a few years ago, we were worried about non-state actors like ISIS carrying out major cyberattacks. Is there still a threat?

"Low probability, but high impact," US cybersecurity chief Jen Easterly tells Ian Bremmer on GZERO World. Also, attacks by non-state actors are harder to verify.

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Podcast:  How the US will fight cyber wars

Listen: Jen Easterly is optimistic about the state of America’s cyber defenses, she tells Ian Bremmer on the GZERO World podcast. As director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, she is tasked with defending the country from all cyber threats, foreign and domestic, at a time when the stakes are very high. The next decade will be a turning point in the global cyber arms race. From Russian-backed ransomware attacks against America’s largest oil pipeline to the phone scammer who won’t leave you alone during dinner, we’re living in a brave new world.
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Podcast: Protecting the Internet of Things

Listen: Billions of watches, refrigerators, and even light bulbs around the world are network-connected, collecting and sharing your data. Smart device manufacturing could be a $500 billion business by 2028. But this new world of products brings new privacy and security concerns for consumers and institutions alike.
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Podcast: Cyber threats in Ukraine and beyond

Listen: Cyberattacks in Ukraine are the latest example of how cyberspace is increasingly a theater of conflict around the world. As part of the Global Stage series, a partnership between Microsoft and GZERO Media, the 5-part podcast “Patching the System” will explore the biggest cyber risks and challenges for governments, corporations, and consumers alike. Through the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, a public commitment from more than 150 technology companies, private sector tech leaders are working to create solutions and foster greater cyber resilience.

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Identifying cyber threats, urgent priority for tech companies – Microsoft’s Brad Smith | GZERO Media

"We're identifying new cyber threats and attacks every day" – Microsoft’s Brad Smith

Cyber threats are the new frontier of war. That's why companies like Microsoft are investing heavily in the capability to identify new threats and attempted attacks. “We work every day to make sure that we’re identifying new threats and attacks, regardless of where they’re from,” said Microsoft President Brad Smith at the Munich Security Conference. This includes monitoring infiltrations and alerting companies, countries and sometimes even the public, as needed, in a timely fashion, he explained.

Smith spoke with moderator David Sanger in GZERO Media's Global Stage livestream discussion at the Munich Security Conference.

GZERO World S2E4: Cyber Threats with David Sanger

Cyber Threats with David Sanger

More people have fled Venezuela in the past five years than refugees have fled Syria during its civil war. It's a nation in crisis, and one that has gone from democracy to dictatorship in just a few years. Ian tells you what you need to know, then he brighten things up by talking cyber warfare with Pulitzer prize winner David Sanger. And on Puppet Regime, Mark Zuckerberg wants you to swipe right.

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