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A supporter of Colombian presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez in Bogota.

REUTERS/Vannessa Jimenez

What We’re Watching: Colombia’s “anti” runoff, Pacific meh on China, Sudan ends emergency

It’s anti vs. anti in Colombia presidential runoff

Colombians wanted change? Well, now they’ll have no choice! In the first round of the country’s presidential election on Sunday, the top two finishers were leftist opposition leader Gustavo Petro (40%) and Rodolfo Hernández (28%), an independent populist tycoon who surged late in the campaign with an anti-corruption message. The two will head to a runoff on June 19. Both promise a radical reorientation of the Andean country at a time of high inequality, rising violence, and simmering social tensions. For Petro, the answer lies in super-taxing the rich, massively expanding the social safety net, and decarbonizing the economy. Hernández, meanwhile, wants to slash taxes, shrink the state bureaucracy, and even legalize cocaine. We’ll have more to say ahead of the runoff, but for now: has the election of any other major economy in recent memory featured a presidential runoff between TWO stridently anti-establishment figures like this?

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Fiji scrambles to provide aid as cyclone toll rises

December 19, 2020 1:36 PM

SUVA, Fiji (AFP) - Reconnaissance flights showed entire villages wiped out in Fiji on Saturday (Dec 19) as authorities put the cost of devastating Cyclone Yasa at hundreds of millions of dollars and the death toll rose to four.

Taiwan says diplomat sent to hospital after China spat in Fiji

October 19, 2020 11:28 AM

The incident happened on Oct 8 when Taiwanese diplomats tried to stop two Chinese diplomats from forcing their way into a Taiwan national day reception in Fiji.

'Desperate' Fiji eyes virus-free tourism bubble with Australia and New Zealand

June 24, 2020 12:31 PM

SUVA, FIJI (AFP) - Tourism-reliant Fiji has proposed a "travel bubble" to welcome visitors from virus-free countries, as the South Pacific holiday hotspot desperately tries to revive its stalled economy.

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