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Protesters wave flags during a demonstration in Tel Aviv.


Israel’s looming constitutional crisis: What’s the tech sector going to do about it?

Israeli governments have long boasted about their country being an international tech haven. Israeli leaders across the political spectrum brag about national feats including the invention of the gastrointestinal pill camera, USB sticks, and even cherry tomatoes (though many argue the small fruits cannot be attributed to Israeli prowess).

Nonetheless, the Israeli government won’t be feeling tender toward the technology sector this week after hundreds of tech workers in Tel Aviv held a strike Tuesday to protest the Netanyahu coalition’s democratic backsliding. This comes after more than 120,000 Israelis took to the streets in Tel Aviv – and thousands more across the country – on Saturday night to protest the government’s proposed judicial reforms.

With many from the robust tech sector joining the anti-government cause, what's at stake for Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s government – and the country?

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