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Wanted: Digital nomads

They will come … if you open the door, and Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser plans to do just that. At a tech conference in Toronto on Tuesday, he announced two plans to make it easier for highly sought-after specialized workers to move north — which looks like a talent raid on the United States.

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How can the Biden administration rein in Big Tech?
How Can the Biden Administration Rein In Big Tech? | Tech Journalist Kara Swisher | GZERO World

How can the Biden administration rein in Big Tech?

Renowned tech journalist Kara Swisher has no qualms about saying that many of the country's social media companies need to be held accountable for their negative role in our current national discourse. Swisher calls for "a less friendly relationship with tech" by the Biden administration, an "internet bill of rights" around privacy, and an investigation into antitrust issues.

Swisher, who hosts the New York Times podcast Sway, joins Ian Bremmer for the latest episode of GZERO World, airing on public television nationwide beginning this Friday, January 22th. Check local listings.

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