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Trump calls UK ambassador 'stupid' as PM May tries to stem feud

July 10, 2019 12:03 AM

HONG KONG (BLOOMBERG) - US President Donald Trump called the UK ambassador to Washington a "stupid guy," even as the British government tried to prevent the row with the US president over leaked diplomatic memos from escalating.

Theresa May warns UK businesses to weigh risks of Trump's Huawei ban

June 28, 2019 2:07 PM

OSAKA (BLOOMBERG) - Prime Minister Theresa May has warned British mobile operators to weigh up the impact of US President Donald Trump's crackdown on Huawei Technologies Co, amid concern that the UK telecom industry could be vulnerable to any escalation in the US-China trade war.
Brexit's Irish Problem

Brexit's Irish Problem

The UK is racing towards a Brexit breakup with no clear border agreements in place. On GZERO World, we take a look at the problems Brexit tightened borders mean for trade between the UK and The Republic of Ireland.
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Brexit: How did this mess happen?

Brexit: How did this mess happen?

Brexit: Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Ian takes a look at the Brexit mess and what caused it.

You Brexit, You Buy It

You Brexit, You Buy It

How will the UK (and Europe) get out of the Brexit mess that they're in? Ian breaks it down and then talks with the International Rescue Committee's CEO David Miliband, who also happened to be UK Foreign Secretary for a time. They'll talk Brexit and the geopolitics of humanitarian crises around the world. And of course, we've got Puppet Regime. #brexit #article50 #FBPE

Is Europe Falling Apart in 2019?

Is Europe Falling Apart?

European nationalism and populism are pulling the EU apart. Should we be concerned in 2019?

Brexit: Holiday Cheer and Political Betrayal

Facing almost certain defeat for the Brexit deal she spent over two years negotiating, British Prime Minister Theresa May now faces an even more immediate challenge: rebellion from within. Ms. May will face a motion of no confidence tonight after 48 members of her Tory party opted to contest her leadership.

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World in 60 Seconds - December 11, 2018

World in 60 Seconds: Brexit, French Riots, Yemen and Huawei

It was a messy week for UK politics and Brexit is about to get a whole lot messier.

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