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"This is not a mercenary job" — foreign volunteers on Ukraine's front lines | GZERO World

Foreign warriors make a “big impact” in Ukraine

In a forest outside of Kyiv, a small group of Ukrainian soldiers with machine guns pads around silently, listening intently and sniffing the tree trunks.

“If you walk past a tree and it smells like urine,” says Jay, 30, a stoutly built former special forces soldier from Denmark, “that’s because urine starts to release a gas roughly 15 minutes after someone pisses on the tree.”

Jay is giving combat training to the Ukrainian soldiers, and in this lesson, he is teaching them how to detect the presence of Russian troops and patrol frontline areas.

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Ukraine's Killer Dune Buggies | GZERO World

Ukraine's killer dune buggies

Before Russia invaded Ukraine, metalworker Volodymyr Sadyk specialized in making gates at his shop in western Ukraine, near the Romanian border. But in his spare time, he and his friends also built and raced dune buggies.

When the war began, Volodymyr had an idea — he offered some of the buggies to the Ukrainian army, which was looking for ways to even the playing field against a much larger enemy. The response from Kyiv was immediate: send us more.

Today, Volodymyr and his crew of 7 men have made close to 60 custom buggies for the Ukrainian army. Light, rugged, and agile, the Mad Max-style vehicles are perfect for sniffing out Russian positions, swarming Russian columns with anti-tank fire, or evacuating wounded soldiers.

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Anti-Tank Weapons Needed To Achieve Peace in Europe | Europe In :60 | GZERO Media

EU fast-tracks Ukraine membership application

Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Sweden, shares his perspective from Washington.

First question, what happened to Ukraine's application for EU membership?

Well, that's a process that takes a long time, but what was decided by the heads of state and government of the European Union yesterday was to send it immediately to the European Commission for its assessment. That's a process that normally takes some time, but the fact that it was done immediately is as strong a signal as you can get for a process that unavoidably takes a substantial amount of time.

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