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The SCOTUS Politics of Guns & Abortion | GZERO World

Interpreting SCOTUS: guns, abortion, history, tradition & constitutional law

The day before the US Supreme Court struck down the constitutional right to abortion, it affirmed the right to carry guns.


New York Times columnist Emily Bazelon explains that the justices think that the right to bear arms is enshrined in the 2nd Amendment is individual and rooted in the nation's history and tradition, while abortion is neither.

The thing is, she tells Ian Bremmer on GZERO World, "the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment that they claim is rooted in the nation's history and tradition is actually correct."

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Why Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace Voted Against Impeachment | GZERO World

Why Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace voted against impeachment

"I voted to certify the electoral college for the same reason that I voted against impeachment, for Constitutional reasons." Freshman Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace is not your typical conservative. Though a longtime supporter of President Trump, not only did she vote to certify Joe Biden's electoral win, she also strongly condemned his role in the January 6th Capitol riots. But when it came to impeaching the former president a second time, that, Rep. Mace said, was a bridge too far. She tells Ian Bremmer on GZERO World why a vote against impeachment was consistent with her guiding principle of "constitutional conservatism." This episode of GZERO World also features an interview with Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut.

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