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Putin's rare North Korea visit will deepen ties
Putin's rare North Korea visit will deepen ties | Ian Bremmer | World In: 60

Putin's rare North Korea visit will deepen ties

Ian Bremmer shares his insights on global politics this week on World In :60.

Will Putin's rare visit to North Korea strengthen anti-West alignment?

It's deepening the relationship. There's no question. He hasn't been in North Korea in decades. And I mean they call it the Hermit Kingdom. It's completely totalitarian. It's incredibly poor. But they have a massive military and they've been providing an awful lot thousands and thousands of train containers, of weaponry, of ammunition, of artillery. And those containers haven't gone back empty from Russia. And there's been a lot of sense of technology that's been transferred. The interesting thing will be whether or not, this leads to more provocative North Korean behavior vis-à-vis the South and Japan, because they think they can get away with it because they have coverage from Russia. And will they start coordinating diplomatically, in response to the NATO threat, in response to, you know, the way that the war in Ukraine is going? Be interesting to watch. It's not what China wants to see, but that is certainly a piece of what happens when a couple of states considered pariahs and rogues by the West, are developing a real alliance.

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Asylum seekers fill the sidewalk outside of the Roosevelt hotel in midtown Manhattan, New York City.


“This will destroy New York City”: What the Big Apple’s immigration crisis tells us about the 2024 elections

Immigration has long been a hot button issue in US politics, typically pitting Republicans, who advocate for tougher crackdowns on undocumented migrants, against Democrats, usually more open to asylum seekers. But New York City is currently flipping the script on that.

This week, New York City Mayor Eric Adams – a Democrat – gave a scathing address about the influx of migrants who’ve entered the city over the past year, around 100,000 in total. Many have been bused in from Republican-run states.

Adams said that another six buses carrying migrants arrived in the city on Wednesday, and blasted the White House’s immigration policy. This will “destroy New York City,” he said.

(Read more about the factors leading to an uptick in migration to the US here and here.)

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