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Russian blogger Anastasia (Nastya) Ivleeva poses for a picture with rapper GeeGun during an "almost naked" party at Mutabor nightclub in Moscow, Russia, in this image published December 21, 2023.

Ostorozhno Novosti via REUTERS

The dressing down of Russia’s underdressed celebs

On December 20, a well-known Russian blogger and TV host threw a nightclub party in Moscow. Billed as an "Almost Naked Party," the event drew large numbers of celebrities. Then photos taken inside the club began to hit social media, and the backlash began. How, some Russians asked, can people behave so scandalously while our boys fight in Ukraine?

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Podcast: Naked power politics challenge global democracy, says author Yascha Mounk


Listen: Confidence in democracy is declining in the West at the same time authoritarian leaders like Putin and Xi Jinping have become more transparent about their demands and lack of respect for democracy, says Johns Hopkins University professor YaschaMounk, author of a new book, "The Great Experiment: Why Diverse Democracies Fall Apart and How They Can Endure."

On the GZERO World podcast, Mounk tells Ian Bremmer we're in a new era of naked power politics, illustrated by the way Putin is transforming Russia into a repressive regime. Putin believes the West is decadent while he views himself as a strong leader with traditional values. Meanwhile, the biggest challenges ahead for democracies like the US are racial disparities in wealth, tribalism, and extreme partisanship.

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