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3 ways mining companies can help protect biodiversity
3 Ways Mining Companies Can Help Protect Biodiversity | GZERO Media

3 ways mining companies can help protect biodiversity

You'd think the best thing an extractive industry like mining can do for biodiversity would be to go out of business. Think again, says International Council on Mining and Metals CEO Rohitesh “Ro” Dhawan.

He shares three ways mining can have a positive impact on reversing the course of nature's destruction during "Time for nature: Turning biodiversity risk into opportunity," a livestream conversation hosted by GZERO in partnership with Suntory.

First, conservation. Second, restoration. And third, disclosure of lots of data.

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Biodiversity loss: Is nature-positive the new net zero?
Biodiversity Loss: Is Nature-Positive The New Net Zero? | GZERO Media

Biodiversity loss: Is nature-positive the new net zero?

The world has been in a climate emergency for years now. But much less attention is paid to biodiversity loss — which is a very big deal since we're on the brink of a sixth mass extinction.

On the heels of the ongoing COP15 UN Biodiversity Conference in Montreal, Canada, we gathered experts from the public and private sectors to discuss the gravity of the problem and, more importantly, how to fix it. The solution lies with businesses, although it needs help from policymakers to figure out how to make money in a sustainable way that not only protects life on earth but actually reverses the course of its destruction.

Here are a few highlights from "Time for nature: Turning biodiversity risk into opportunity," a livestream conversation hosted by GZERO in partnership with Suntory.

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Watch live: Turning biodiversity risk into opportunity

TODAY AT 8 AM ET: Among the many challenges stemming from climate change: natural ecosystems and habitats are being destroyed.

Recognition of the link between business sustainability and a healthy, living planet has motivated businesses to incorporate nature into decision-making. But the private sector needs help – from policymakers, scientists, and communities – to measure impact and devise sustainable solutions.

In our live digital event on December 14, Tak Niinami, CEO, Suntory Holdings, will be joined by Eurasia Group & GZERO Media president Ian Bremmer, experts from Eurasia Group’s climate team, private and public leaders, scientists, and other experts on the world’s nature and biodiversity to address this challenge and chart a path towards reversing nature loss.

Watch here.

Time for nature: Turning biodiversity risk into opportunity

Wednesday, Dec 14 2022 | 8 am EST / 10 pm JST

Register to attend and receive the playback after the livestream concludes.

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Episode 9: Can sustainable investing save our planet?


Listen: Benjamin Franklin famously called on American business leaders more than two centuries ago to "Do well by doing good." To him, that meant creating companies that were not just about the bottom line, but also that helped foster happier and healthier communities. Now, as 2021 approaches and the world recovers from the greatest crisis of our lifetimes, sustainable investing is a bigger discussion than ever. What does it mean, and how does it not only help the environment and societies but also build your bottom line? That's the topic of the latest episode of Living Beyond Borders.

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Oct 7 panel on digital inclusion in the workforce

Teaching digital skills could empower the workforce the 21st century needs, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

On Wednesday, October 7th at 11a ET/8a PT/4p BST, GZERO Media — in partnership with Microsoft and Eurasia Group — presented a live panel discussion, "Digital Inclusion: Connectivity and Skills for the Next Billion Jobs," about the acceleration of digitalization, the changing workforce, and the need for digital access for all.

The conversation was moderated by Sherrell Dorsey, founder and CEO of The Plug, and our panel included:

  • Kate Behncken, Vice President, Microsoft Philanthropies
  • Lisa Lewin, CEO of General Assembly
  • Parag Mehta, Executive Director and Sr Vice President, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth
  • Dominique Hyde, Director External Relations, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  • Rohitesh Dhawan, Managing Director, Energy, Climate & Resources, Eurasia Group
Also featured: a special appearance by Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and former president of Chile.

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