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Investors Chasing Opportunities In Biodiversity | GZERO Media

Why investors need to support biodiversity

For years, investors have been largely absent from nature financing. But now you have opportunities across all asset classes.

"If we don't start mobilizing private capital, we're going to have an issue" with biodiversity, Ingrid Kukuljan, head of Impact & Sustainable Investing at Federated Hermes, says during "Time for nature: Turning biodiversity risk into opportunity," a livestream conversation hosted by GZERO in partnership with Suntory.

So, where are the opportunities?

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How Do Disclosures Help Businesses Protect Biodiversity? | GZERO Media

How do financial disclosures help protect biodiversity?

The Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures doesn't have a sexy name. But it is instrumental in helping businesses know their impact on biodiversity so they can do better.

"What we are providing to help businesses and financial institutions is developing a risk management and disclosure framework for nature-related risks," TNFD technical director Emily McKenzie says during "Time for nature: Turning biodiversity risk into opportunity," a livestream conversation hosted by GZERO in partnership with Suntory.

McKenzie says that the impetus for TNFD is all coming from the market. Driven by risks, investors want to take action.

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The Private Sector’s COP15 Biodiversity Wish List | Suntory Livestream | GZERO Media

COP15 biodiversity wish list for the private sector

What does the private sector expect from the ongoing COP15 biodiversity conference in Montreal, Canada? Eurasia Group’s Franck Gbaguidi asked three experts during the livestream discussion "Time for nature: Turning biodiversity risk into opportunity," hosted by GZERO in partnership with Suntory.

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S2 Episode 7: Why biodiversity loss matters to governments and investors

Listen: Are global leaders finally taking needed action on environmental issues? Coming out of the COP26 meeting in Glasgow, we've seen governments agree to a certain set of policies to fight climate change. But that isn't the only urgent environmental issue we face. The twin problem of climate change AND biodiversity loss are a serious threat to not just governments, but also investors.

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Episode 10: Can private companies lead the way on climate action?

Listen: With bold commitments coming from both political and business leaders around the globe, 2021 could be a critical year in the fight against climate change. As sustainable investing moves from being a nice idea to a necessary move, what does it mean for your bottom line?

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The Graphic Truth: The global sustainable investment surge

As more investors back responsible businesses and funds, the growth of assets under management that are ESG-compliant (under one standard or another) has been soaring in recent years. What's more, the geographic scope of this market is growing. A few years ago it was mainly big in Europe , but it's now picking up fast in the US and expanding to Asia, driving a massive boost this year alone. Why? By throwing a glaring spotlight on global inequality, the thinking goes, the pandemic has been a major driver of investment that focuses less on hard profits and more on socially and environmentally responsible capital management. Will this sustainability surge carry on next year? We take a look at ESG investment's upward trend over the past eight years — globally and by region.

GZERO Summit on Sustainability | GZERO Summit

GZERO Summit on sustainability: COVID-19’s promise on ESG

The forced slowdown of global economic activity due to the coronavirus pandemic has slashed carbon emissions around the world, opening a unique opportunity to make real progress in the fight against climate change. But there is fear that it won't be enough, and the world will go back to its old ways when we get rid of COVID-19. However, even before the public health crisis, some major emitters had already taken ambitious steps to rethink how to make their own policies more sustainable.

In Canada, the prominence of oil in the economy doesn't mean that it should hide from the existential challenge of climate change. Fossil fuel profits make Canada not only more responsible but gives the nation the resources to commit to a bold climate policy, Canadian Minister of Natural Resources Seamus O'Regan said during a panel discussion on sustainability at the 2020 GZERO Summit in Japan.

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Episode 9: Can sustainable investing save our planet?

Listen: Benjamin Franklin famously called on American business leaders more than two centuries ago to "Do well by doing good." To him, that meant creating companies that were not just about the bottom line, but also that helped foster happier and healthier communities. Now, as 2021 approaches and the world recovers from the greatest crisis of our lifetimes, sustainable investing is a bigger discussion than ever. What does it mean, and how does it not only help the environment and societies but also build your bottom line? That's the topic of the latest episode of Living Beyond Borders.

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