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Indonesia adds Twitter, Zoom to tech companies that must pay 10% VAT

September 09, 2020 6:48 AM

JAKARTA (REUTERS) - Indonesia on Tuesday (Sept 8) added 12 more companies, including social media firm Twitter and video-conferencing site Zoom, to a list of internet-based businesses that must pay a 10 per cent value-added tax on sales.
Technological Revolution & Surveillance in the COVID-19 Era | Tech In :60 | GZERO Media

Technological Revolution & Surveillance in the COVID-19 Era

Are we in the middle of a technological revolution?

Yes? I feel like a technological revolution should feel more empowering and exciting. It should feel like something good as opposed to something catastrophic. But if you define it as a moment when there's a lot of technological change that will last for years or decades, yes. Think about the way that health, education, working from home are going to change. There are lots of inventions right now because of coronavirus that will stick with us.

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Zoom Privacy, Skype's Loss, Watching Quibi & Tech Limits in Solutions | Tech In :60 | GZERO Media

What are the privacy concerns with Zoom?

Nicholas Thompson, EIC of Wired, helps us make sense of today's stories in technology: What are privacy concerns with Zoom and what happened to Skype?

The privacy concerned with Zoom is if you don't password protect the meeting, someone can zoom-bomb-it and take over your screen and share a bunch of nasty stuff. So, password protect your meetings. What happened to Skype? They didn't innovate. They got surpassed. Huge mistake.

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