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Kazi Salahuddin Razu

Podcast: What happens when we take water for granted

Listen: The lack of access to clean, drinkable water is a critical issue affecting billions of people across the globe. On the GZERO World podcast, Gilbert Houngbo, Chair of UN-Water and former Prime Minister of Togo, talks with host Ian Bremmer about global efforts to protect the world's most precious resource.

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A map showing global water stress.


Will the world come to grips with its water crisis in 2023?

This might be the year that the world finally acknowledges its mounting water crisis. From France to Zimbabwe and from the US to Chile, water shortages will drive new social and political conflicts. Rich developed countries will no longer be able to ignore the problem as one solely afflicting poor countries of the Global South. Against this backdrop, the UN is holding its first water conference in nearly 50 years from March 22-24 in New York.

We asked Eurasia Group expert Franck Gbaguidi what to expect from the UN conference and from efforts to address water scarcity in the year ahead.

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Water Will Become Very Political in 2023, Says Eurasia Group Analyst | GZERO Media

Water will become very political in 2023, says Eurasia Group analyst

Perhaps the biggest surprise in Eurasia Group's top 10 geopolitical risks for 2023 is No. 10: water scarcity. But you should definitely pay attention to it.

The problem is that we take access to water for granted, says Eurasia Group analyst Franck Gbaguidi.

And while we've kept ignoring the issue, now the global population has hit 8 billion people. What's more, climate change is making water even less plentiful — and therefore more political.

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