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Feral pigs, like these shown in Florida, are alarmingly growing in number in Canada.

Imago Images via Reuters

‘Super pigs’ threaten Upper Midwest

America faces an invasion unlike any other – and it’s a “super pig problem. The invasive swillers have adapted to survive cold climes, and they’ve been thriving in Canada and some US states. The trouble is, these piggies breed at a higher-than-normal rate, and a whole lot of the 600-pounders threaten to trot south.

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Farmers stage a Delhi Chalo march over various demands, at the Punjab-Haryana Shambhu border, near Ambala on Tuesday.

ANI Photo via Reuters

Could farming protests hurt Modi at the polls?

Thousands of farmers are marching toward New Delhi to demand better prices for their crops, but police are trying to keep them out of the capital by barricading access to the city, firing tear gas, and making arrests.

The unrest comes just months before the general election in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi is predicted to win a third term.

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Annie Gugliotta

Everything’s political: sofa, tomato, shoe

If you’re reading this column, chances are you’ll agree that at some level everything is political, right?

All around us, the things we touch, eat, buy, and wear, the people we meet, the ways we communicate – there’s a little politics in all of it. There’s the trade policy that determines where your shirt comes from. There’s the immigration policy that shapes who your kids will befriend in kindergarten or where they’ll work when they grow up. There are the decisions about war and peace that can shape life for you or for family members thousands of miles away.

So from time to time, I want to take a look around the world closer at hand, spotting the big political stories in the small objects around us. Today we’re gonna do three quickies: a sofa, a tomato, and a shoe.

Let’s go.

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German farmers protest against the cut of vehicle tax subsidies of the so-called German Ampel coalition government in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany January 8, 2024.

REUTERS/Nadja Wohlleben

Farmers sow chaos across Germany

German farmers angry about fuel subsidy cuts have launched a weeklong nationwide protest, putting Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s fragile center-left coalition in a bind.

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Ivorian farm workers slits cocoa pods to extract the beans in a cocoa plantation of the N'Doucy cooperative near the village of Sokorogbo.

Hans Lucas

Local farmers in Africa brace for new EU deforestation law

Coffee importers are starting to scale back purchases from Africa in response to the impending European Union Deforestation Regulation aims to combat climate change by banning the sale of goods linked to deforestation. But the law, set to hit in late 2024, is already having unintended impacts – particularly for small-scale farmers in Africa and other regions.
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COP28: Why farmers need to be front and center in climate talks
COP28: Why famers need to be front and center in climate talks | Sustainability Leaders Council

COP28: Why farmers need to be front and center in climate talks

Agriculture is the foundation of human civilization, the economic activity that makes every other endeavor possible. But historically, says International Fertilizer Association Director General Alzbeta Klein, the subject hasn't received attention in climate talks.

"It took us 23 climate conferences to start thinking about agriculture," she said during a GZERO Live event organized by the Sustainability Leaders Council, a partnership between Eurasia Group, GZERO Media, and Suntory. "The problem is that we don't know how to feed ourselves without a huge impact on the environment."

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U.S. Senator John Fetterman (D-PA), chair of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Subcommittee chairs a hearing to examine SNAP and other nutrition assistance in the Farm Bill


The farm bill: A deadline Congress can’t blow

While everyone is freaking out about the looming US government shutdown, Congress is about to miss another major deadline: renewing the farm bill. Without it the American food system implodes.

Congress will likely push the deadline to the end of the year, putting it in the crossfire of major budget battles and potentially prolonged shutdowns. The farm bill is just as polarizing as spending negotiations, and the consequences of missing the deadline – whether now or in December – would be immediately felt by farmers and families alike.

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