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Lakshadweep, Jan 4 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi tries snorkelling on one of the pristine beaches, in Lakshadweep on Thursday. (ANI Photo)No Use India.

Modi and the Maldives “beach off”

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s new job is beach, and the Maldives aren’t having it.

In an attempt to boost tourism to Indian beaches, Modi posted some snaps of himself enjoying a vacation on Lakshadweep, an island chain in the Indian Ocean. Seventy nautical miles to the South, the Maldives – where Indian tourists comprise up to 11% of tourism revenue – took great offense, calling Modi ” a “terrorist” and a “puppet of Israel.”

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Polish truckers block several border crossings with Ukraine in protest at what they say is Ukrainian haulers' free rein in Poland that is hurting their business.

Attila Husejnow/SOPA Images/Sipa USA via Reuters

Hard Numbers: Truck backup at Polish border, Maldives says bye to India’s troops, Australia clinches Cricket World Cup, Swift postpones Rio show amid deadly heat

3,000: For the past 11 days, Polish truckers have blocked roads leading to three border crossings with Ukraine, protesting what they call “government inaction” over a loss of business to foreign competitors since Russia's 2022 invasion of Ukraine. Traffic is now backed up 30 kilometers on one of the routes, with an estimated 3,000 trucks waiting to cross.

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The president-elect of the Maldives, Mohamed Muizzu, left, and SMER-SSD party leader Robert Fico, right.

REUTERS/Dhahau Naseem & REUTERS/Radovan Stoklasa

Election update: China champion takes Maldives, Russia scores in Slovakia

On Saturday, Mohamed Muizzu, leader of the opposition Progressive Party of Maldives, won 54% of the vote in that country’s elections, ousting incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of the Maldivian Democratic Party. Muizzu’s victory boosts China’s influence in the country to the detriment of India, whose long-standing influence has periodically caused resentment among the Maldives’ Muslim majority.
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An aerial view of Maldives capital Male December 9, 2009.

REUTERS/Reinhard Krause

China vs. India in the Maldives

Most of the world thinks of the Maldives as either a dream vacation spot or one of the first countries likely to slip beneath the waves as climate change raises sea levels.

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A tourist floats in front of huts at a resort island at the Male Atoll


The floating city of the future

There are two ways to protect the planet from climate change: Slow the heating of the planet or adapt to changing climate conditions. There is now a near-universal consensus that the world’s governments must invest in both strategies.

But climate change poses special problems for the Maldives, an archipelago nation of about 520,000 people who are scattered across more than 1,000 islands. Some 80% of Maldivian territory already sits below sea level. In the capital city of Malé, some 200,000 people live in an area of just 8 square kilometers at an average elevation of less than eight feet above sea level.

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US's Pompeo to visit Sri Lanka and Maldives as China threat looms

October 20, 2020 4:11 PM

COLOMBO/MALE (REUTERS) - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will visit Sri Lanka and the Maldives this month, officials of both Indian Ocean nations said on Tuesday (Oct 20), as Washington seeks to counter China's growing influence in the region.

Maldives detains migrant workers seeking unpaid wages: HRW

July 25, 2020 4:49 PM

MALÉ (AFP) - Human Rights Watch on Saturday (July 25) urged the Maldives to drop charges against 80 migrant workers arrested for demanding their unpaid wages in a country otherwise known for its upmarket tourism.

Maldives leader heads for landslide win at parliament poll

April 07, 2019 8:58 PM

MALE, MALDIVES (REUTERS) - Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's party is heading for a historic landslide victory in parliamentary elections, provisional results showed, a move that will help him to investigate the scale of debts to China.

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