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Sudanese Refugees in the Central African Republic


Hard Numbers: The world’s most “neglected crises,” Eurozone inflation dip, ex-Brazilian president behind bars, AfD comeback in Germany, soccer GOAT in the wilderness

7: Seven of the top 10 most “neglected crises” are in Africa, according to a new report released by the Norwegian Refugee Council, a human rights NGO. It lists jihadist-plagued Burkina Faso, where only 42% of international aid requested has been handed down, as the most neglected, followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo, Colombia, and Sudan. NRC’s criteria are based on the lack of global political will, media coverage, and humanitarian funding.

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Stopping the debt spiral in the world's poorest nations
Stopping the Debt Spiral in the World’s Poorest Nations | World Bank President | GZERO World

Stopping the debt spiral in the world's poorest nations

"There needs to be a dramatic and deep reduction in the amount of debt on the poorest countries. That's clear." As the world's poorest nations struggle to recover from a devastating pandemic, World Bank President David Malpass argues that freeing them of much of their debt will be key. His conversation with Ian Bremmer is part of the latest episode of GZERO World.

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