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What the France and UK elections mean for the West
What the France and UK elections mean for the West | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

What the France and UK elections mean for the West

Major Western democracies like France, the UK, Canada, and the US are on the verge of sweeping political change, but how will upcoming elections impact our collective ability to deal with the world’s biggest challenges? How will Western allies approach issues like climate change, the AI revolution, and cyber defense in an increasingly fractured world? Mark Carney, former Governor of the Banks of England and Canada and current UN Special Envoy on Climate Action & Finance, joins Ian Bremmer on GZERO World for a hard look at three of America’s closest allies: France, Britain, and Canada.

“We're operating in a world where security is paramount. You need resilience,” Carney tells Bremmer, “You need to look to those countries where you have common values and you need to reinforce them.”

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British and American flags she takes part in a 'Here's to Meghan!' celebration ahead of her marriage to Prince Harry, as they celebrate at Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles, California, U.S., May 15, 2018.

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The US, UK forge truce on AI

The US and UK have struck the world's first bilateral agreement on AI safety, agreeing to cooperate on testing and risk-assessing artificial intelligence.

Both countries will conduct their safety testing through new government bodies planned during last year's summit at Bletchley Park in the UK – which each country is calling the Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute. While the countries lag behind peers in the European Union on passing comprehensive legislation to govern the use of AI, they've introduced a series of lighter-touch measures to get the ball rolling

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