Russia-Ukraine: Two years of war
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FILE PHOTO: The Canaport LNG receiving and regassification terminal in St. John, New Brunswick is seen in this October, 2008 handout photo. Repsol has signed natural gas supply deals from its newly built Canaport liquefied natural gas terminal in New Brunswick, Canada, the company said on June 19, 2009.


Canada hails second chance at LNG leadership

Critics of the Biden administration have had a field day with its decision to pause the expansion of America’s liquified natural gas exports, while it looks at the effect of exports on the environment, energy security, and energy costs.

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Annie Gugliotta

Trudeau may have to give up the carbon tax stick

After years of staring down opponents to his national carbon tax – which puts a price on emissions and sends taxpayers rebates as a way of encouraging the reduction of climate-harming pollution – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has finally blinked, putting his whole emission-reduction plan in jeopardy. The move raises questions about whether it’s possible to use carrots and sticks to change voter behavior.

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Why we need to put a price on carbon: University of Tokyo’s Naoko Ishii
Why We Need to Put a Price on Carbon: University of Tokyo’s Naoko Ishii | Global Stage

Why we need to put a price on carbon: University of Tokyo’s Naoko Ishii

If we are serious about doing the right thing on climate, only incentives to cut emissions simply won't cut it. Naoko Ishii, Director of Center for Global Commons, and Executive Vice President of the University of Tokyo, wants the carrot to be backed up by a stick in the form of a price on carbon that incorporates natural capital into economic policy. Once politicians do that, it'll be a lot easier for companies and individuals to see that further pollution will hurt our pockets as much as it harms the planet.

Ishii spoke during a live Global Stage event, "Climate Crisis: Is net zero really possible?" Watch the full event here.

Germany's floods make climate, competence top issues for election
Floods Will Center Climate Change in German Election Campaign | Europe In :60s | GZERO Media

Germany's floods make climate, competence top issues for election

Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Sweden, shares his perspective from Europe:

What will be the effects on the politics of Germany after the immense flooding?

Well, it's really been a catastrophe, nearly 200 people dead in Germany alone. First effect, naturally, questions about the competence of the government, has enough been done? And secondly, climate issues will be much more in forefront of the election campaign.

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