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Annie Gugliotta

1994 was the future

A few days ago, someone sent me this year’s installment of the old, “If Marty McFly traveled back in time now, he’d wind up in …” meme from “Back to the Future.”

In the original movie, you’ll recall, Marty’s journey flashes him from the 1985 world of Ronald Reagan and Eddie Van Halen to the 1955 of “Earth Angel” and Dwight Eisenhower.

Today he’d be going to 1994. He has lucked out. Not only because he’ll get to relive the releases of, say, Illmatic and “Pulp Fiction” – or, if you prefer, Dookie and “Friends” – but also because while he’s there trying to rescue his own future, he’s going to learn a whole lot about ours.

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Why Mexico is a key issue in the 2024 US election
TITLE PLACEHOLDER | US Politics In: 60 | GZERO Media

Why Mexico is a key issue in the 2024 US election

Jon Lieber, head of Eurasia Group's coverage of political and policy developments in Washington, DC shares his perspective on US politics.

I'm here in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, which is a country that is turning out to be a major potential campaign issue in the US 2024 elections. We've already seen several Republican candidates try to distinguish themselves by painting Mexico as a bad guy. Florida governor Ron DeSantis has said that he wants to militarize the border in order to stop the flow of drugs, guns and crime and illegal immigrants coming over the border. Former President Donald Trump famously renegotiated NAFTA with Mexico and used the threat of additional tariffs to force Mexico to secure its southern border to prevent Central American migrants moving up into the United States. So this is going to be a big issue over the next 12 months in the US.

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Luisa Vieira

The Graphic Truth: US trade deficit with Canada & Mexico

In 2016, Donald Trump successfully mobilized his base around NAFTA being “the worst trade deal ever signed.” He argued that US industries were being suppressed by trade deficits with Canada and Mexico, and he promised to disband the agreement if elected.

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The US and Canada’s complicated love story

US President Joe Biden has said he wants to patch up a US-Canada relationship that frayed under Trump. In fact, Biden's first phone call to a foreign leader after taking office was to Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. That makes sense, considering the two long-allied democracies share a continent and do some $700 billion in annual trade across the world's longest land border.

Biden and Trudeau — who was best buddies with Barack Obama, Biden's former boss — share views in many areas, from human rights and democracy promotion to, in principle, climate change. But a host of issues will make it hard to smooth things over completely. What are the main sticking points between Ottawa and Washington right now?

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Goodbye, NAFTA. Hello, USMCA.

Four years ago, Donald Trump promised to replace the "worst deal ever made" — known to the rest of us simply as NAFTA, the massive 1994 trade pact linking the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Now, he's officially done so. The new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which replaces NAFTA, comes into effect on July 1st.

How did we get here, and what does it mean?

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US Politics in 60 Seconds: Trump's new Chief of Staff
US Politics in 60 Seconds - December 10, 2018

US Politics in 60 Seconds: Trump's new Chief of Staff

Trump is looking for a new Chief of Staff. Apply within.

It's US Politics in 60 Seconds with Ben White!

And go deeper on topics like cybersecurity and artificial intelligence at Microsoft on The Issues.

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