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A broken ethernet cable is seen in front of a US flag and TikTok logo.

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File photo

The clock is ticking for … TikTok

President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed a law that could see TikTok banned nationwide unless its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, sells the popular app within a year. The law was motivated by national security concerns.

TikTok promptly vowed to challenge the “unconstitutional” law in court, saying it would “silence” millions of Americans – setting the stage for a battle over whether the law violates First Amendment rights.

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The US flag and TikTok logo are seen in this illustration taken June 2, 2023.

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

TikTok on the clock

In a rare bipartisan vote of 352-65, the US House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday that – if it survives the Senate — could force TikTok to divest from its Chinese parent company ByteDance or be banned on all US devices.

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Hugely popular TikTok unlikely to be banned by US Congress
Half of the US uses TikTok but Congress may ban it anyway | US Politics In :60 | GZERO Media

Hugely popular TikTok unlikely to be banned by US Congress

Jon Lieber, head of Eurasia Group's coverage of political and policy developments in Washington, DC shares his perspective on US politics:

Is Washington going to ban TikTok?

If you used the social media app TikTok over the past week, you've probably noticed that a lot of your favorite creators are starting to sound the alarm about a potential nationwide ban on the wildly popular application. Over half of US states and the federal government have already banned TikTok from some or all government-issued devices, and Congress is now mulling further actions, with Republicans and Democrats endorsing legislation that could directly or indirectly lead to a blanket ban on its operating in the United States.

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