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Gabriella Turrisi

Hard Numbers: Chinese data hack, July 4 massacre, US Navy wants Iran tips, Uzbek unrest, Mali sanctions lifted

1 billion: An anonymous hacker claims to have stolen the police records of about one billion Chinese citizens, almost three-quarters of the population. If true, it could be one of the biggest data hacks of all time — and very embarrassing for Beijing.

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Podcast: Lessons of the SolarWinds attack


Listen: Two years after the discovery of one of the largest cyber attacks in history, we’re looking at the current state of security for both software and hardware supply chains.

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Hard Numbers: Namibia’s anti-LGBTQ ruling, Red Cross hacked, Biden to deliver N95 masks, North Korean compensation

2: Namibia’s High Court ruled against two gay couples seeking legal recognition of their marriages. The judge said she agreed with the couples, who are seeking residency or work authorizations for foreign-born spouses, but is bound by a Supreme Court ruling that deems same-sex relationships illegitimate.

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Watch: Trump spotted in Moscow! (Where are all the hackers?)
Hacked: Trump spotted in Moscow!

Watch: Trump spotted in Moscow! (Where are all the hackers?)

Donald Trump had a tremendously terribly horrible bad day, when he got locked out of his Twitter account and couldn't remember his password. What's a puppet to do (when the president has cancelled H-1B visas, so the White House IT department is empty)? Find a hacker in Russia, of course.

If all else fails - maybe Vladimir Putin can help.

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