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Protesters against President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's plan to reform the electoral authority, in Mexico City, Mexico, February 26, 2023.

REUTERS/Luis Cortes

Hard Numbers: Mexicans protest AMLO changes, North Korea seeks grain, Iran hearts Ipanema, a controversial kiss from Kosovo

500,000 or 90,000?: How many people in Mexico City took part in recent mass protests against President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s overhaul of the electoral system? Organizers say 500,000 turned out to oppose the changes, which would weaken independent election oversight. But authorities in Mexico City, which is controlled by AMLO’s party, say it was only 90,000.

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Iran’s Missiles Threaten Entire Middle East, Says Journalist Robin Wright | GZERO World

Iran's missiles threaten entire Middle East, says journalist Robin Wright

The US wants to get out of the Middle East, but for The New Yorker's Robin Wright, there's still one big problem: Iran. What's more, the Iranian threat goes well beyond nukes, as it now has the region's largest ballistic missiles arsenal. Iran's position, she says, is "Okay, you want us to limit ours? Then you limit everybody's in the regions, including Israel," — and that's a nonstarter for the Israelis. Watch her interview with Ian Bremmer on the upcoming episode of GZERO World.

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