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Workers repair damage on the roof of a multi-storey apartment block following a reported drone attack in Moscow, Russia


What follows the drone attack on Moscow?

Early Tuesday, Moscow was hit by several drones. Two people were injured, though no one was killed. Residential buildings were damaged, though it’s unclear whether they were targets of the attack or were simply damaged by debris as the drones were shot down. Russia says the drones were sent by Ukraine, but Kyiv denies this. If this was a Ukrainian attack on Moscow, the event raises three questions.

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Tiny drones in Ukraine are destroying tanks
Tiny Drones in Ukraine Are Destroying Tanks | GZERO World

Tiny drones in Ukraine are destroying tanks

One of the the most important and decisive weapons on the battlefield in the Russia/Ukraine conflict is the drone.

Combat drones have soared over the front lines, but so are commercial drones, the type you can buy at a local electronics shop. Both sides are using them to spot the enemy and destroy targets.

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