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Graphic Truth: Diversity in US and Canada legislatures

Legislatures in both the US and Canada are increasingly more diverse.

The 118th Congress is the most racially and ethnically diverse in US history, with 133 lawmakers – about 25% – who identify as Black, Hispanic, Asian American, American Indian, Alaska Native, or multiracial.

In Canada, the House of Commons is also at its most diverse, and it elected its first Black speaker, Greg Fergus, in 2023.

Both chambers, however, still have a way to go to fully reflect the diversity of their respective populations. In the US, 75% of voting members in Congress are white, compared to their 59% share of the population. In Canada, where 20% of the population are immigrants, the number of immigrants elected to the House has slightly decreased since 2015, from 46 to 44 legislators.
No Second-Class Citizens: The Challenge of Diversity in Democracy | GZERO World

No second-class citizens: the challenge of diversity in democracy

In his new book The Great Experiment, political scientist Yascha Mounk digs into how tough it is for very diverse democracies to treat all their citizens equally. The price to pay if it goes wrong is high: society falls apart.

The US faces many ongoing challenges, especially on race relations, but has done much better in some areas than was predicted decades ago – for example, the increasing frequency of interracial marriages, Mounk tells Ian Bremmer.

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Investing in diversity: How public companies can promote inclusivity
Investing in Diversity: How Public Companies Can Promote Inclusivity | Money In :60 | GZERO Media

Investing in diversity: How public companies can promote inclusivity

Betty Liu, Executive Vice Chairman for NYSE Group, provides her perspective:

What role does diversity play in investing?

So, diversity has played an increasingly important role in investing. In an earlier episode, I talked about ESG - that's environmental, social and governance - and ESG factoring more into investment decisions. Diversity is a key component of ESG. It's seen as crucial in looking at good governance and good decision making. So, a growing number of investors are looking at diversity as a metric to show whether or not this company is worthy to invest in.

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