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A man and woman walk in front of the World Economic Forum Convention Center in Davos, Switzerland.

Hannes P. Albert/dpa via Reuters

Hard Numbers: Women attendees in Davos, Talks on peace in Ukraine, Taxing extreme wealth, Rebuilding homes in Gaza

28: A little over a quarter (28%) of attendees at the World Economic Forum in Davos this year were women (roughly 800 in total). That's up from 15% a decade ago, but it's clear the annual conference is still overwhelmingly attended by men.
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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.


Hard Numbers: Meta’s mess, Bangladesh’s bailout, Africa’s floods, China’s gender gap

11,000: There’s nothing meta about it: Mark Zuckerberg’s company on Wednesday laid off more than 11,000 employees, totalling 13% of its workforce. The cuts come after a wretched year for Meta, which is struggling with lower digital ad revenue amid a global economic slowdown, while facing fierce competition from other platforms for younger users. Zuck says the company will now focus more narrowly on artificial intelligence, advertising, and his beloved metaverse.

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Episode 8: How closing the gender gap drives economic growth


Listen: “Women make about 75% of all household consumption decisions, and control close to 100 trillion in wealth,” says Ida Liu, Global Head of Citi Private Bank. "Women can no longer be ignored."

On the latest episode of Living Beyond Borders, we look at the impact women have in 2022 on the U.S. and global economy.

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