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China is open for business: Chinese Vice Premier at Davos

Ian Bremmer shares his insights on global politics this week on World In :60 from an undisclosed room at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

What was China Vice Premier Liu He's message at Davos?

The message was that China is open for business, supports entrepreneurship, wants to engage in the global economy. Open, open, open. If you were just listening to the translation, you'd think it was a Western leader. Didn't mention COVID once. Sounds great. Kind of extraordinary given the reality of what China's been through over the last couple of years, but certainly tailored message to the audience that he was seeing.

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Putin’s War Crimes Solidify West’s Military Support for Ukraine | Alexander Stubb | GZERO World

Putin’s war crimes solidify West’s military support for Ukraine

For former Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb, there is no such thing as a partial victory for the Ukrainians. “Ukraine needs to push as far as it possibly can,” Stubb tells Ian Bremmer on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

And at a time when some might be feeling "war fatigue," it seems that Putin's lack of regard for human rights never fails to rally the cause against him. "As long as he continues this, I think the support of the West and the rest of the world is going to be steadfast," Stubb says.

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Davos Exhibit Reveals Civilian Death Toll in Ukraine | GZERO Media

Russian war crimes exhibit at Davos reveals civilian toll in Ukraine

As the 2022 World Economic Forum begins in the tiny ski village of Davos, Switzerland, the war in Ukraine is not only top of mind but also on display in the heart of this Alpine town.

Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk is funding the installation of thousands of images captured during the bloodiest days of Russia’s invasion and war. Called “Russian War Crimes House,” the exhibit is located in the same building previously known as “Russia House,” a place where oligarchs once entertained forum attendees.

The Russian delegation was not invited to this year’s gathering because of the ongoing war, so the Victor Pinchuk Foundation and PinchukArtCentre seized the opportunity to convert the space into an awareness campaign about civilian deaths in Ukraine.

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Ukraine Updates: Massive War Crimes Committed by Putin | Europe In :60 | GZERO Media

Russians committing "massive war crimes" in Ukraine

Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Sweden, shares his perspective from Santa Monica, California:

Has Russia committed genocide in Ukraine?

Well, that's for the legal experts to sort out. There's a somewhat more liberal use of that particular term in American political debate than in Europe. In Europe, we are somewhat more careful with the use of that particular word for obvious historical reasons. But there's no question whatsoever that massive war crimes have been committed, and that primarily Putin has committed the number one crime on the international law, and that is aggression against another country. No question whatsoever.

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Russia-Ukraine War Update: Will Oil & Coal Be Cut Off From Russia? | World In :60 | GZERO Media

Russian war crimes push West to escalate sanctions and Ukraine support

With evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine mounting, how will the West respond? Is Imran Khan done in Pakistan? Is Elon Musk joining the Twitter board good or bad news for free speech? Ian Bremmer shares his insights on global politics this week on World In :60.

With evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine mounting, how will the West respond?

With further escalation. We're a month and a half into this war and every week, the most consistent thing we're seeing is further economic sanctions from the West, further diplomatic isolation from the West with all these Russian diplomats being thrown out of countries, and of course, further military support for Ukraine. I think that continues to accelerate and step up from the Europeans. We are moving towards oil and coal being cut off from Russia, though not gas, which is still the critical issue and the big money spinner but that's where we're heading right now. And of course, that also means that negotiations are very far from what we're talking about.

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